Kundalini of the Earth has moved

In this blog I will share a part of my work as a gatekeeper and describe to you the energies of this moment and months to come. I will share with you for the first time my experience in working with the Kundalini of the Earth. This information is NEW and quite UNIQUE.

Liongate 2016 preparation – Liongate 2017 integration

Last year we had a very strong Liongate in August. This was the preparation for the energies that are now anchored. I wrote an extensive blog about it. The alignment of the solar template (the cosmic clock) was an important aspect of this energy. I have seen that this template is now completely anchored in the earth on June 21, 2017. You can see the sun as a “radio station”, which now broadcasts completely new music (tones). Information about this solar template I will not share in this blog, I will share this when guided to. The many solar storms we experienced last year and this year greatly supported the process of magnetic disintegration of the old structures. The spiritual heart has awakened within many.

My previous blogs are very important. These are the “building blocks” for the current energies. All of my blogs are light encoded.


Kundalini of the Earth

Last year the cosmic Shekinah ray became very active. This is a black cosmic ray. This long hidden aspect of Divine Female Energy has descended into the hearts of those who have ignited the trifold flame (christed consciousness). Shekinah is the original creative energy, she is the female presence, symbol of the wisdom of the snake. She is also the World Soul. I call her “Grace”. During my energetic and magnetic work over the last couple of months I worked from and with this energy.

Merging the Great White Snake and the Great Black Snake

When the poles of the earth started shifting, I felt this very clearly underneath my feet and in my body. Many did. From that point on the journey of the Kundalini of the Earth started, which has moved from India and Tibet to the Andes Mountains and has now arrived at a new destination. The kundalini of the Earth travels through the mountains. Because the mountains are the spine of Mother Earth. When the Kundalini of Gaia started her journey, my Kundalini awakened within my body. From that moment on, I found myself in that what old teachers refer to as “the dark night of the soul”. Her journey trhough the mountains I have felt within me. Every movement, every purging and releasing of old energies. For over 10 years I have worked in silence behind the scenes on the integration and weaving of these two energies. Her journey was beautiful. What many do not know is that the Great Black Snake is now merged with the White Great Snake (white fire) of Mother Earth and as a result  the Cosmic Rainbow Snake is born. The meeting between the condor and the eagle flying together. The prophecy has been fulfilled. In February this year the black ray was connected to the heart chakra and the black pyramids of Earth. In February and March, many souls left this earth. They have taken pieces of the “old” with them. The black ray triggered “The Great Dying” at a personal and world level. The dying of an old energetic system. During this time I also assisted my mother in her journey into the Light. After her transition into the Light I received through her the Seal of Salomon. Which was placed in my crown chakra. The cosmic timing in this was incredible. I found that out afterwards.

Salomon’s Seal, The 7 Sisters, the 7 Seals and the 7 Spiritual Snakes

The energy of the seven sisters which came in November last year had prepared this. The seal of Solomon is a very old symbol. The sign of Sol (Sun) and Mo (o) n (Moon). It is also a symbol of connecting “above” with “below” through the ascension of Kundalini Shakti energy. Which is why I was given this seal in March. The seal of Solomon is in fact a pentagram. The Navajo know this seal as the swastika. In March, I also saw that a pentagram was being formed within the Cosmos. In the meditation of March, I laid down energetically this pentagram on Gaia and anchored it. During this work, I saw other circles of Light at the exact moment in certain strategic places (connected to the elements) and they were also involved in anchoring this pentragram. I saw circles of Light on Antartica, in the jungle in various places, nearby the pyramids, in the mountains at distant places. The squares I currently see in the Cosmos represent “birth moments”. They are actually openings for pure potential into new creations. In September this year again I see a BIG square and this period will be very important for the collective and the Earth. This year is about pure potential. The new timelines are activated, but the potential still has to be manifested.

Let’s have look at the relationship between the energy of the seven sisters and the seven spiritual snakes. The 7 seals many know from the Christian teachings (revelations). It has become clear to me that there is a link to Kundalini and the Kundalini of Mother Earth and the four horsemen. The seven seals can only be opened by our Inner Christ. The four horsemen (black, white, red and yellow) you see also in the prophecy of the Navajo, the medicine wheel and the four directions. The seven seals symbolize the seven spiritual white snakes (some call the seven holy fires) of the inner Christ. These are the initiations during a Kundalini awakening.

The new residence Kundalini of the Earth

In April this year, the Great White Snake has risen from Mother Earth. During my magnetic work, I saw four sacred mountains. These are the holy mountains of the Navajo’s. The moment the Great White Snake emerged I heard the mountains sing. The Anasazi, the original ancestors, sang their song. Earth’s Kundalini had reached its new residence and it was felt and seen. I’ve seen you and I’ve felt you in my heart. And I know you’ve seen and felt me. Thank you to my brothers and sisters, guardians of the ancient wisdom and keepers of the Earth. Thank you to the protectors of the earth and the water. Thank you to my ancestors in the mountains, those who live in All that Is. The prophecy has become a living truth. I’m one with you Rainbow Warriors. Love will rule the world once again and peace will only be the beginning of the new reality. We will gather again under the Tree of Life with the ancient ones. The mountains now sing a new song, the energy circles between these mountains just as tones can “sing around” between voice forks. This new song, this new energy, is spreading through the water and the earth. This song has been heard in the hearts of many circles of Light because I’m one with them and I have seen them. The dolphins and whales have worked to spread and carry further these new tones. The energy of the Great Black Snake and the Great White Snake has merged and the cosmic rainbow Snake is born. The energy was interwoven and brought back to Earth like a blessing for all of humanity and Earth. This was a preparation for opening the seventh seal. The elements are now freed from the Shadows. And we will return to innocence.

The seventh seal has been opened

In May, the seventh seal was opened. I needed the seal of Solomon to do that. I saw a diamond rising from the heart of the Earth, splitting up into twelve smaller diamonds (these are 12 holy mountains). The seventh seal opened the sanctuary within the sanctuary. The original diamond code was released from the earth. This was a very pure energy received through the spine. The energy rose to the heart and connected to the sanctuary in the heart (the bodhi diamond) and merged with the sanctuary within the cosmic heart. And then there was silence. A silence I never experienced before. What you see in the energy field of those who are in full alignment and merged with these energies is that there is a big white atmosphere around them, with a smaller white atmosphere inside. In the smaller white atmosphere I see a golden atmosphere. The fully integrated Christ and Solaris Aspects of the Supreme Self. Their aura is covered with a plasma-like substance. They, these beautiful children of the Sun, wear a royal robe. They are cloaked in this energy. The Servants of the World and those who speak to the World in service of Source are connected to each other. They communicate telepathically with each other. They will remind the world of love. The love that is present in All that Is.

Integration of energies in July and August

The integration of these energies continues. For I have seen that the four sacred mountains of the Navajo are activated, but there are still eight more. Than there is the 13th one. I can not say anything about that because I still have to receive the building blocks for this to happen. When all the mountains are activated, Mother Earth will start “releasing” information that is stored within her. And the new potentials will become available to us. For the time being, we are still working on the integration of this shift, rebalancing the elements and energies. Our bodies need to adjust and recalibrate in this new energy. The change comes from consciousness. We are not our bodies, our bodies are an instrument that is played by consciousness. Any change in consciousness means a physical adjustment, changes in biology and biochemistry. This will cause fatigue and sometimes even exhaustion for many.

This blog is light encoded like all of my writing. Do not read it to understand the information but feel the energy that the words are carrying. Feel the source from which the words originated because you are one with this source. I do not offer “teachings”. I AM a wayshower on the path of Ascension and Awareness. I will show you the way inwards, to the living truth & light that you can discover there yourself.

Tamara van de Beek

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